• Normal size of paper bag printing
    • The size of paper bag usually depends on the dimension of products.
      Below are the normal sizes for paper bags:
      1280  200  60mm
      2340  210  75mm 
      3340  210  75mm 
      4360  280  80mm
      5400  290  90mm
      6 450  210  100mm 
      Please feel free to contact with us if you need any paper bags with special sizes.
  • Lead time:
    • Most of the catalogs will be finished within 7 working days after the approval of proof. When customers need catalogs urgently, the catalogs can ready within 3-4 days. The lead time will be 2-5 days longer for the catalogs which qty is more than 10,000pcs or the page number is above 200P and the catalog need special finish process.
      Anyway, no matter how urgent the lead time is, we will confirm the proof with customer at first.
  • The difference between electronic file, digital proof, film plate proof and printed products.
    • 1   Electronic file such as JPG, AI, PDF, is to restore color of artwork through displayer, but the color mode of computer displayer is RGB, and the printing color mode is CMYK.  So the color showed on the displayer is brighter than printing color.
      2   Digital proof is to restore the color with digital printing press, the accuracy of color reduction can reach  70%-80%
      3   Film proof is to stimulate the traditional printing, the accuracy of color reduction can reach 90%-95%.
  • The normal size of catalogs?
    • The normal size A4 has below 3 different size:
      210X285 mm (Domestic standard, economical), a bit shorter than normal printing.
      210X297 mm (European standard, waste paper), the same size with normal printing.
      215X280mm (American standard), the width is a bit shorter than normal printing.
  • The format of the files can be used for printing
    • llustrator(AI)coreldrawphotoshopindesignQuack expressPDF( no less than300 DPI) etc.

      If you want to use the file in WORD and PPT format for print, one of the solution is to do the layout again in software for printing , another solution is to change the file into PDF, but the picture resolution is not high enough, you need change the pictures with high resolution.

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